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Udon Eatin’ Weather

Today’s weather is kinda “damp”. Not raining hard, not even drizzling, kinda misty. Not Misty Mountain severe, not Seattle wet, not even San Francisco fog. The Cat calls it “wet cow fur” damp (translated from Shanghainese?). Not enough to bust out the umbrella, but … “damp”. Words fail right now.

Slurping udon (as well as ramen, won ton mein, chicken noodle soup, etc.) kind of weather. Maybe even curry rice, mapo tofu, or … loco moco! 🙂

Supposed to meet up with The Cat in town after lunch (she had a dim sum lunch meeting with one of her clients). I headed to Marukame Udon on Fort Street Mall.

Kake Udon

Kake Udon

The cheapest bowl on the menu (didn’t want anything fancy). Traditional broth with a light fish and seaweed taste, with extra scoop of green onions and tempura bits (tenkasu?).

Kabocha Tempura and Inari Sushi

Side of Kabocha Tempura and Inari Sushi

Iced Green Tea

Iced Green Tea

Even on a “wet cow fur” day, iced green tea works. Now if the weather was any wetter, it might be another story. Recently, not used to so much carbs, have to go light for dinner. Celery sticks dabbed with peanut butter.

Alas, our quest to update our iPhone 3Gs’s went unfulfilled today. Three places did not have any iPhone 6’s or 6 Pluses. You and I have to put up with slightly (or more than slightly)  fuzzy pictures for a while more. Sigh.

Oh, one last bit.

One Day Only

One Day Only

More for The Cat than anyone else. Tempura eggs, one of The Cat’s favorite side items at a udon shop. Unfortunately, she won’t be in town on that day. The search continues.

Almost forgot, have a safe and treat filled Halloween tomorrow.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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