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Frankensteined Ma Po Tofu

My style of cooking, throw everything in and hope for the best. Someone called it Frankenstein cooking, I like that better. Tonight’s Ma Po Tofu wasn’t supposed to be Frankensteined, just turned out that way.

One of the dishes I trying to find an authentic recipe for. In the meantime, have to resort to depending on pre-made packaged sauce. Couldn’t find a package in the pantry.

Found this instead.

Hmm. Interesting

Hmm. Interesting

Bought it a couple of weeks ago out of curiosity. Give it a shot. Either The Cat is going to give me funny looks or paws up.

Browned the ground pork, a couple of spoons of the chili sauce, cubed tofu, and a little pre-cooked turnip cubes (just because). Not quite the same, something missing. A shake of shichimi togarashi and a pinch of ground Szechuan pepper and it was close enough to fool The ┬áCat. ­čÖé

Ma Po Tofu (Frankensteined)

Ma Po Tofu (Frankensteined)

So the lesson is always check the pantry or  think like Victor, or is it Angus. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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