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Met these guys more than a year ago at a food industry expo.



Knew they were in the neighborhood, just not exactly where.

Running around doing errands, thought I’d pick up a burger from Lee’s Drive In. Gone! Wha??? Okay, granted, did not frequent “Mr. Lee’s” very often, but for an olde timey burger (not gourmet, not Wagyu, not even in this century), it was the place to go, almost a historical landmark of days gone by.

In its place was Local Boy Sushi with this sign.

A Connection to the Past

A Connection to the Past

Ordered one of LBS’s specials and a “Lee” burger deluxe. While waiting for my order came across this article on the web. Nice touch.

A little surf n turf.

Junior Spicy Tuna Bowl


Junior spicy tuna bowl, brown rice, spicy tuna mixture, unagi sauce (I think), and furikake. Very tasty, would definitely order again. Three paws up (could have had a smidgen more of spicy tuna).



“Lee’s” Burger Deluxe, preformed patty, “special sauce”, lettuce, tomato, and onion on store-bought bun. Yum!

Yelp reviews mentioned a “must try” on the bread pudding. Since today was a “sampler” kind of lunch, got one too.

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

Reviews did not disappoint. Given that this was from a “hole in the wall”, really, you order from a window front, not even a door, the bread pudding was really good. The Cat thought is was a little dense but The Mouse liked it.

Hope the “Lee’s” are enjoying their retirement.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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