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Nanding’s Bakery. A little hole in the wall, in an out-of-the-way part of town. The owner/baker makes his Spanish rolls.”Finger-sized” rolls, hot, buttery, and sweet, totally addictive. I would not be surprised if  you told me the owner did a Robert Johnson for the recipe.

Being so out-of-the-way, I rarely get the chance to frequent the bakery. A good thing. Otherwise I’d be twice (or three times)  the mouse I am now.

Until today. Saw these at 7-Eleven today.

Spanish Rolls - Nanding's Bakery

Spanish Rolls – Nanding’s Bakery

First reaction, yummm!, second reaction, aargh! Now conveniently accessible. Had to buy a package (3 for $1.25). Not hot out of the oven,but freshly baked.

Perfect with hot Kona coffee, provided by the office.

Buddha's Cup Coffee

Buddha’s Cup Coffee

Must not succumb to temptation (at least not too often). Just look away. 🙂

If you see me in 7-Eleven? Do me a favor and steer me  away from the Spanish rolls? Thanks.

(Local newspaper write-up here)

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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