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In a way, more street food.

Dentist appointment in town. I was thinking about a place in Chinatown for lunch, but the last time I walked by, they seemed to be renovating and weren’t  open. Rather than chance it, just stayed near downtown.

A sandwich shop I’ve been wanting to try.



Cures their own meats, bakes their own bread. Any place that paints this on their wall must be ok.

Wall Art

Wall Art

Went with their BLT.


Kiawe Smoked BLT

House cured smoke bacon, tomato jam, lettuce, and house mayo. Overall, the sandwich was good. Bacon in adequate quantity, good smoke and salt balance, and tomato jam was better than just plain sliced tomatoes. After all the thought that went into the bacon and tomato jam, the lettuce seemed like an afterthought. My only suggestion (maybe two) was that the jam wasn’t spread too thinly, and I would think about adding sun-dried tomatoes to the mix (but that’s just me).

I was also a little disappointed the sandwiches were pre-made and in a display cooler. Kinda a shame to refrigerate fresh made bread. I understand it’s a “grab-n-go” joint, and it probably cost more to have the sandwiches made to order, but still.

Still, I would go back and try some of their other sandwiches if I’m in the area. Or better yet, I have ideas to make my own sandwich. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

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