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Castella Cake

The new office I started with this past week has access to pure Kona coffee (I’m on the fourth floor, Kona coffee is on the second floor). I’m not a big fan of Kona coffee, taste a little too acidic to me. But, it’s better than the commercial stuff that’s available on every floor.

Also in the lunch/break room was a lonely slice of green tea castella cake.

Green Tea Castella Cake

Green Tea Castella Cake

No picture of a cup of Kona coffee, its coffee.

Small kid time, it wasn’t castella cake but all pound cake from Sara Lee, not just pound cake, but all butter pound cake. Topped with vanilla ice cream (artificially flavored, not the vanilla bean stuff) and canned whipped cream (remember, I grew up in the sixties and seventies, before food was “serious”.)

The castella cake that was made here (the green tea one was made in Japan I think) used to be made by Bunmeido of Hawaii. It was popular with the Japanese fishing fleet that was based here and as hostess and other gifts. You can read a professional write-up about the place here.

When I heard the bakery was on its last legs, I thought about somehow getting the wooden baking trays, totally impractical of course, it was just a thought. I wonder where those trays went. Sigh.

Just a little trip back in time. Funny how we sometimes don’t know what we got until its gone. Just thinking.

Eat well.

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