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Made by a friend.

Mochi "Pumpkin" Thingies

Mochi “Pumpkin” Thingies

Not their real name, I can’t pronounce what she calls them in Chinese. I don’t think she uses pumpkin, more like kabocha squash, have to confirm with her later.

Mochi rice flour, kabocha squash or pumpkin, sugar, and red bean filling. Can be steamed or pan-fried. Last time she made them, we steamed them, they were okay.

This time, we tried pan-frying.

Thingies in Frying Pan

Thingies in Frying Pan

There’s that green frying pan. Does wonders (so far) in the non-stick department.

Thingies Done

Thingies Done

Hundreds times better than steaming. Slightly crispy crust, molten lava inside. It’s all about texture. Thanks YM for the treats.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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