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A Little Snack

Had to go into town a couple of days ago. Missed lunch (not that big a deal). While waiting for the bus to go back home, thought I’d get a little “snack”.



At the mall. I think they may have opened in the last couple of months. “Cafeteria” style. Udon made to order, various tempura and rice balls  under heating lamps.

Had enough time for a snack, not quite enough to slurp noodles. Went with a “miso pork” rice ball and a”jumbo” inari.

Miso Pork Rice Ball and "Jumbo" Inari

Miso Pork Rice Ball and “Jumbo” Inari

Not  much pork, lot of miso paste. Not bad flavor, not too impressed (Clara Peller come to mind, to paraphrase, “where’s the pork?). The inari was better. Rice was nicely seasoned, toasted sesame seeds added for crunch.

Man (or Mouse) does not live by rice alone, so added a few tidbits.

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Tempura Mushrooms

Tempura Mushrooms

Chicken was karaage  style, nicely seasoned, crunchy exterior, tender interior. Mushrooms were not bad either. As udon is not really my noodle of choice, I think I’ll stick to the Hong Kong Noodle House for noodles.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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