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Used some of  the black-eyed beans that I cooked and froze earlier this week.

The Cat's Gruel

The Cat’s Gruel

Brown rice, quinoa, frozen black-eyed beans, and chia seeds (the same chia seeds used for chia pets). Eaten with pork floss (dried and shredded seasoned pork).

The Mouse's Gruel

The Mouse’s Gruel

Ham bone stock, brown rice, quinoa, frozen black-eyed beans, and frozen okra. Seasoned with a tiny bit of salt and chili powder.

Although I threw the beans in at the last minute to warm through, they still came out a little overcooked for me (just my opinion, The Cat didn’t seem to mind). Next time, I’ll cook the beans “al dente” (I know wrong use of the phrase, but you get the idea) and finish cooking then when I use them,

Overall though, a good and usable exercise.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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