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Will Work For …


As mentioned in the previous post, our uncle G had quite a memorable experience in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada many many many moons ago. Back in the 19__’s, his naval ship was in dry-dock in Seattle. He had heard about Bon Ton Bakery in Vancouver and decided to check it out. He found the bakery. Amongst their specialties were bite sized French or Italian pastries.

He had missed “tea time” and instead purchased 12 of those bite sized morsels for a buck, took them back to his room, and consumed them in one sitting (and suffered a sugar crash).

Those pastries must’ve been good. Fast forward a couple of decades and he is attending a conference in Vancouver. He located the bakery told them about his first experience with them and offered to help in the bakery for one morning. They accepted.

He showed up the next morning, got a behind the scenes look (as well as helped out), and got “family” pasta lunch with the staff.

In the end, he left with three dozen of those bite sized pastries. He didn’t mention if he shared or not (He was travelling with his wife (my aunt), and one of his daughters for that trip).

He said this was one of his memorable experiences. I believe him. It might be something I would do to. Maybe not in a bakery (not that interested in baking), but maybe in some other kitchen. I guess now I know where I get some of my intricacies from. 🙂

We need to sit down and eat with him more often  and listen to more stories.

So, visiting this bakery is now on my bucket list. Which may not take too long to check off. Tell you about that later.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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