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Ma Po Tongue-Fu!

Just me. Dr. Frankensteining again. The last of the tongue.

The Tip of the ...

The Tip of the …

The tip and the back of the tongue have slightly different textures. I prefer the back portion for sandwiches (larger pieces, less fallout). To me, the front is more for braising, steaming, and stir-frys, but that’s just me.

Diced the tongue,

Sliced white mushrooms,

Lightly stir-fried the mushrooms,

Added diced tongue and diced soft tofu,

Added packaged Ma Po Tofu sauce, mix,

Pour over cooked noodles,

Add fried egg,

Garnish with boiled turnips,

Mix to combine and slurp.

Ma Po Tongue-Fu Noodles

Ma Po Tongue-Fu Noodles

The Cat liked.

I had just enough tongue to make myself a grilled cheese and tongue sandwich.

Grilled Cheese and Tongue Sandwich with Shiso Leaves

Grilled Cheese and Tongue Sandwich with Shiso Leaves

Until the next tongue …

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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