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No. Not that kind of quickies. Food kind. Hee hee.

Sorry, not too exciting today.

Had to go to The Cat’s office this morning, rushing to catch the bus back home. Picked this up on the fly.

Roast Duck Buns

Roast Duck Buns

Chinese-style sliders. Steamed mantou, hoisin sauce, roast duck (including skin), and green onions (aka spring onions or scallions).

Not bad, okay. mantou was a little thick for my liking, and the skin wasn’t crispy. But given the fact that this was prepacked, it was okay. Plus it was relatively cheap.



Herring Fillets

Herring Fillets

Afternoon  snack. Picked up  from Wal-Mart. Taste was a little spicy, I guess from the paprika. Fillets were huge, twice the size of sardines. I might pick more of this later. Little more expensive than the cheapo tins of sardines I usually pick up but still affordable.

Quickies for today.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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