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including the kitchen sink … almost.

I’ve been looking for restaurants that serve noodles lately. Came across a pasta restaurant that does “Japanese influenced” pasta dishes. One in particular caught my attention, bacon and natto (fermented soy beans) pasta. Ohh! Two of my favorite foods, in one dish.

So for lunch today, I kinda went overboard.

Natto Pasta

Natto Pasta




and then I added …


Shiso leaves (green)

Shiso furikake (red)

Romaine lettuce

and Sumac

(salt and pepper to taste of course)

Mix everything up and scarf.

I don’t consider it fusion cooking, more like bachelor cooking (throwing whatever together and hope for the best). Best eaten when The Cat is not home =^..^=. This was very very good. A definite do again. Both socks off. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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