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No, not really, just me exaggerating.

Helped The Cat clean out her refrigerator at the office the other day and came across these.

Li Hing Mui

Li Hing Mui

Or salty dried plum seeds. At first glance I could have sworn they were petrified dinosaur droppings (just my overactive imagination). 🙂

Now Chinese salted dried plum seeds are inherently dry, but “fresh” ones have a bit of moisture to them. These were almost fossilized. Super dry.

I was almost going to toss it but being “pake”, I thought I would try something first. If it failed, I could toss them later.

Tried to replicate the lemonade with sour plum drink from Taste Tea (see post here).

Simmered the dried seeds in water, added sugar to dissolve, chilled the mixture until cool, and added the juice of one lemon.

Jurassic Lemonade

Jurassic Lemonade

Ta dah! The picture was taken before I added the ice cubes. For the first time, not bad. I had too many li hing mui seeds and too much  sugar (have to cut back on both).

I think the same thing could be done for hot lemonade too. Have to think about that one.

All in all, I would do this one again, with adjustments. 🙂

Notice how the seeds turned color from white to dark? All the salt and flavor were leeched out of the seeds. The seeds from the Tasty Tea drink were edible, the seeds from the homemade drink were tossed.

It’s an acquired taste. salty, sweet, sour, maybe even a little bit of umami. Bitter was not represented.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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