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Kabocha “Soup”

Inspired by a kabocha dish from a Filipino vendor at the farmers market.



Kabocha cooked like a potato (my guess), with lots of garlic, green beans, tomatoes and a bit of pork.

My version.

Kabocha "Soup"

Kabocha “Soup”

More water, dried shiitake mushrooms to replace the pork, carrots, a little quinoa (used as a thickener), a small amount of curry, sun-dried , and … peanut butter!

And yes, if you are wondering it was vegan. OMG! …

Except for what I added on top.

Kabocha "Soup" with Fried Egg

Kabocha “Soup” with Fried Egg

Just because.

The Cat liked it. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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