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Sometimes, ok, a lot of times, the chefs forget to eat. Or they grab whatever’s at hand to munch while they’re working (which ends up being chocolate pistoles (I call them pellets, the chocolate material they melt for their molds). Or Chef p will make his pasta with cream and whole grain mustard sauce (mmm, yum, NOT!)

So, today, I thought I’d rift on his pasta. I added one bell pepper to the boiling pasta just before it was done and mashed one tin of sardines in oil while mixing in the cream and mustard. I did it this way to reduce the smell of the pepper and sardines in the chocolate shop. Chef p was very concerned about the aroma of bell pepper and sardines contaminating the chocolates (a valid concern I thought). As long as I didn’t fry the bell peppers, and did not cook the sardines, he was okay with it.

Pasta with Mustard Cream Sardine Sauce

Pasta with Mustard Cream Sardine Sauce

Not sure if they were starving or being polite (I think they were starving), they scarfed the pasta. The one criticism was I did not add enough salt (I noticed they tend to season their dishes on the salty side, they could add their own). I think it’s easier to add salt than have a dish too salty.

But then again, when their restaurant was open, they did not put salt and pepper on the table (they served food that was “perfectly seasoned”).

Was I afraid of cooking for two world-class chefs? Nah, no fear, think of it as a learning experience. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

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