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Italian Day, Part I

The Cat has declared today is Italian Day, food-wise that is. We got a discount coupon in the mail for Zia’s Caffé Kailua (201 Hamakua Drive, Suite A, Kailua, Hawai`i).  Their on-line menu had one item I was curious about, Italian Loco Moco (2 sunny side eggs, breakfast risotto, beef patty w/onion & mushroom gravy.

So, brunch today.

Italian Loco Moco

Italian Loco Moco

For one dollar more, you can order a side salad or cup of soup. I opted for the side salad.

Side Salad

Side Salad

The Cat ordered Norwegian Smoked Salmon Breakfast.

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Breakfast

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Breakfast

Served with fresh avocado, 2 eggs scrambled & a hint of Sriracha. The Cat also ordered a side salad and requested no Sriracha sauce.

Both The Cat and The Mouse were satisfied with their choices. The loco moco could have had a bit more risotto, but all in all, very good. The quantity of smoked salmon was extremely generous.

The Cat even said we could come back some time. 🙂

Tonight, we took out one of  The Cat’s clients for a belated birthday dinner. Stay tuned for part II tomorrow.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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