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I’m Back! (Slowly)

I wanted something warm and soupy (that’s usually The Cat’s line). Opened up a can of generic chili with beans.

Chili with Beans

Chili with Beans

I was able to finish the whole can without feeling nauseous. A good sign.

That was for brunch.

For dinner, I ate a sandwich I picked up the other day from the mall supermarket but decided not to eat because my brain said not to.

Mystery Sandwich

Mystery Sandwich

Turkey, and bacon were involved. I was able to finish the two halves in one sitting, although it took longer than normal. that stayed down too. 🙂

I think for now, I’m staying away from rice and gravies. Those still get me a little queasy. But we’ll get there soon enough. I ingested more calories today than all of last week. It’s probably less than I should be, but taking it slow.

Looks like Christmas brunch won’t be a bust after all. 🙂

Thanks all for sending well wishes and positive thoughts to The Cat and The Mouse. We’re on the mend, got our meds, drinking liquids, and zzzzzzzzzzz a lot. Back to normal (however you define it) soon. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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