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Sake Ganache Chocolates and Missing Sliders

So yesterday, Chefs P & p unveiled their sake ganache chocolates to the world. From the owners of The Sake Shop, Chefs received five bottles to “play”. Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai, Kamoizumi Shusen Junmai, Tsukasabotan Yama Yuzu Shibori, Miyasaka Yamahai 50 Nama, Tamagawa Kinsho Junmai Daiginjo. Chefs created five different ganache from the sake. Sorry, in all the hallabaloo, I forgot to take pictures of the chocolates.

Here’s the crowd that waiting for the unveiling.

The Crowd

The Crowd

We got so busy, we ran out of sample chocolates half way into the scheduled three hour event (Chef p and The Cat rushed back to the shop to get more.

The sake representative (Yoshi Suzuki) was also on hand to pour samples and answer questions.

Yoshi Suzuki

Yoshi Suzuki

Overall, the event went very well (in my humble opinion). Sales were very respectable (while we didn’t sell out, we came pretty close). More importantly a buzz was created.

Now, on to the missing sliders.

After the event, The Cat wanted dinner, Chef P picked Side Street Inn (1225 Hopaka Street, Honolulu, Hawaii). The Cat’s business partner also attended.

First a little back story. The Cat’s business partner rarely, if at all eats pork. At lunch, The Cat restrains from ordering pork at Chinese restaurants for this reason.

When Chef had his kitchen I tried to get him to put a pork belly (or any kind of pork dish) on the menu to no avail. He said it wouldn’t sell.

So, at Side Street Inn, I ordered Kalua Pork Sliders thinking I could have at least one of them.

Kalua Pork Sliders

Kalua Pork Sliders

There were three to an order. I figured it would be too much meat for The Cat, her partner would eat, and maybe the Chefs would share one. Nope, immediately The Cat’s partner scarfs one (he tends to take food first, can’t take him anywhere), Chef P takes one (what happened to “it doesn’t sell”), and Chef p offers to share the last one with me. Trouble is he cuts unevenly and ends up taking 3/4 of the last one. What the ****! Wahhhhh!

A very forlorn mouse. 😦

Just wait, like the great Chinese strategist Sun-Tzu, I will wait for the perfect time. If I were them, I’d sleep with one eye open.

Eat well.

The Mouse

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