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There’s K-Drama (Korean Drama mini series), K-Pop (Korean Pop or Korean Popular Music), and now K-Maki (Korean interpretation of makizushi, rolled sushi). I was intrigued ever since I saw a write-up for Red House in Honolulu (835 Keeaumoku Street, Honolulu, Hawaii). Never got to the place since it was described as a trendy hipster place (I’m certainly not trendy nor hip). šŸ™‚

But I finally caved in since they’re celebrating their first anniversary with 20 percent off the entire menu.



I’m familiar with kimbap (rice rolls resembling sushi, but filled with Korean ingredients), but some of theseĀ fillings intrigued me.

Mayo Tuna




Garlic Bacon

Kimchi Tuna

Spicy Anchovy

I wasn’t too excited about the first four listed. Either was very familiar with (SPAM!) or had something similar. The last three were new to me. Ordered the three selection combo.



From the top, Garlic Bacon, Kimchi Tuna, and Spicy Anchovy. Far and away my favorite was the garlic bacon. What’s not to like, garlic and bacon, with just a touch of heat. Second was the spicy anchovy. Very anchovyish, again with a touch of heat. Least favorite of the three was the kimchi tuna. While it was good, the other two were knock my socks off and almost knock my socks off good. The promotion runs through the 21st of December. I may be back for more garlic bacon and maybe try some of the others.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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