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More Discount Bread

Went back to KM Bakery today (see original post here) to see if they had more day old items. No walnut bread but they had mini whole wheat bread and mini mocha bread.

Mini Mocha and Mini Whole Wheat Bread

Mini Mocha and Mini Whole Wheat Bread

Again, 30 percent off (good deal).

On a personal note, Baconbiscuit212 at coolcookstyle.com sent over some of her bacon-pecan nougat for us to try. My first package from a fellow blogger. Very excited. Thank you very much! Planning to tuck into it tomorrow. 🙂

This is the nougat she made at the Brooklyn Bacon Takedown (posted here) and lost. Can you believe it? Based on the description alone, she was robbed I tell ya, she was robbed. Must speak to the union rep about this atrocity. 🙂

Pictures and tasting to come.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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