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Beef and Tendon Soup

My lunch yesterday. Read about the Korean black noodle at Million Restaurant (626 Sheridan Street, Honolulu, Hawaii) as a lunch special. Topped with meatjun and kalbi.

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

See top selection. Sorry, picture’s a bit blurry. Taken from across the dining room.

Server tells me it’s spicy. I ask her how spicy. She responds (and this is very cute) “Korean spicy”. I’m kind of scared. Ask her if I can order mild. No. Sauce is already pre-made.

I order the beef and tendon soup instead. Server says definitely not spicy.

Beef and Tendon Soup

Beef and Tendon Soup

This was good. Not as good as I might make, but  good nonetheless. I didn’t feel enough bones were used to make the stock. On the plus side, the tendon was sliced very thinly (easy to handle and chew).

The bowl was huge, almost couldn’t finish, almost. Heh heh.

And of course, could not forget the banchan.



The Napa cabbage kimchi was a little too spicy for me (I’m not Korean). Everything else was excellent. My favorite was the savory custard (front middle). Soft, savory, smooth. Yum! Socks came off for that one.

Lunch included rice, no picture, didn’t want to bore you.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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