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So last night, we took The Cat’s youngest uncle (an auntie) on her father’s side to dinner (he’s passing through on a tour going back to Shanghai). Ocean House (2169 Kalia Road, Waikiki, Hawaii), one of our go ┬áto spots for visitors because of this.


Lucky we live Hawaii.

We started with an order of seared peppered sea scallops.

Seared Peppered Sea Scallops

Jumbo sea scallops, pan seared with mushrooms, soy, sake, and garlic butter.

You may notice that there are only three scallops to an order and there are four of us. No worries, there’s enough bread to sop up the gravy. For me, the scallops are good, but the gravy is the bomb.

And just in case one of my relatives think I joined a vegan/raw cult, I ordered this.

Grilled Veal Chop

12 oz. cut served with wild mushroom Madeira demi, topped with avocado gremolata butter, tomato cancasse, grilled heart of zucchini, and risotto croquette. It’s the general manager’s favorite. Server recommended rare but for me it could’ve been left on the grill maybe 30 seconds more. Still good though.

Funny. The Cat’s uncle was taking more pictures of the sunset and food than I was. I guess when you’re a tourist. Heh heh.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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