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One of my many guilty pleasures (when it comes to food that is).

Chinese Chicken Salad

Chinese chicken salad was the first “fancy” salad I experienced. To put in perspective, back in the day, there were no micro greens, no composed salads, etc. Salad meant iceberg lettuce, maybe a wedge of tomato, and a slice of cucumber. A “fancy” salad was Caesar salad. I loved Chinese chicken salad because of the crunchy thingies (deep-fried won ton skins) on the top and the lettuce was shredded. I used to “dress” the salad with hot mustard and soy sauce  in addition to some of the dressing that came with the salad.

We hardly buy iceberg lettuce anymore and a package of fried won ton skins is too much. It’s probably cheaper for me to buy an order for our local chop suey restaurant (which I did). Especially since on weekdays, the salad is discounted during lunch  time.

I added fried wasabi peas on top ‘cuz I like wasabi peas on Chinese chicken salad (weird yeah?).

I know, I’ve since graduated to fancier salads, but every once in a while, Chinese chicken salad is still good.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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