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Red and Greens

Just a little compilation of what I’ve been eating the last few days.

This past Sunday, there was a break between prepping in the kitchen and the actual service. Thought I’d better get a little something so I don’t go hungry during dinner service. Instead of going for a burger, I tried a Kona Berry Blast from Jamba Juice. (I think the flavor is only available in Hawai’i for now).

Kona Berry Blast


KonaRed comes from the fruit portion from the coffee plant. It’s supposed to be a “superfood” that’s high in antioxidants. There’s also caffeine in it (didn’t know it until after I ordered it). Must’ve helped me through the soft opening. Whether from adrenaline or the KonaRed juice, I was pretty energized.

The Cat has been staying  later than planned at work  to get out the tax returns on extension. As a result, the vegetables in our refrig were looking a little tired. The other day, I decided to clear the veggies out. Same concept as SPAM and watercress a few posts ago.

SPAM with Mustard Greens and Kale

There was too much greens for me to make a salad (I would have been chewing all night). 🙂

Been staying later at the kitchen than I intended. Too tired to try to make dinner at home, bought a box full of salad at Whole Foods.

Salad from Whole Foods

Who would have thunk, instead of going for a plate lunch (dinner) of possibly pork, chicken, or beef (or a combination of all three), I opt for greens (with a little bit of tuna).

Maybe I’ve been at the vegan/raw kitchen too many hours. I’m starting to get a little worried. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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