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Visions of Onions

Not sugarplums (although, I have no idea what a sugarplum is). For the past three days, I’ve mostly been making vegan/raw onion flat bread. Slicing onions in the food processor, grinding flaxseed (used as the binder), mixing the onions and flaxseed with other ingredients and spreading the mixture on dehydrator trays for dehydration. After the leather is dehydrated, it’s cut into portions and bagged. I smell onions in my dreams. 🙂

What comes out is what I call onion jerky, a cross between fruit leather and a cracker or chip.

Vegan/Raw Onion Flatbread

The customers seem to love the stuff, can’t make it fast enough. Sigh.

I’ve tried a sample, it’s not bad. Too much oniony flavor for me. Good in small doses, but too much, and it’s overpowering. Oh well, to each their own. Now if Chef only made a bacon flatbread … Heh heh.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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