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I survived (see previous post).

The good thing about working the line at a vegan/raw restaurant? It’s vegan and raw. None of the food was overcooked or undercooked, it’s raw. No worries about timing a fish dish with a pasta dish with a steak dish.

It did get a little hairy when multiple orders came in for the dishes I was assigned to prepare but just had to keep my head down and forge on. No panic attacks. I guess that’s what soft opening are for eh?

All the staff, as well as the owner, were working out a system, getting to know each other, building the team. A good thing.

Obviously, I couldn’t ┬átake pictures of most of the dishes. I did sneak a picture of the “living” lasagna I was assigned to plate for the night (no pasta, no cheese, no meat, all veggies, nuts, and seeds).

Living Lasagna

I didn’t create the lasagna, I only plated it. I did do the marinara squiggles on the bottom of the plate though. The heart is made out of red bell peppers. Cute yeah!?

All in all, the owner/chef was pleased with the night. The servers were very supportive and understanding. I did miss adding a condiment on one of the plates which the server quietly reminded me. Lesson learned.

Eat well.

The Mouse

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