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Treats from a Chef

Getting to know a chef, Chef H, who is vegan. She started KeikiCakes, a cupcake business. Her cupcakes are vegan, and she donates the net proceeds of her sales to nutrition education in the schools. Pretty cool yeah!?

When she learned I was starting at a vegan/raw restaurant, she gave me these two vegan cupcakes.

Vegan Piña Colada Cupcake

Pineapple cupcake, coconut flavored frosting, and a dried pineapple topper. The coconut frosting was subtle enough for me to like it (I’m usually not a big fan of coconut).

Vegan Chocolate Mocha Cupcake

Chocolate cupcake, mocha frosting, and coffee bean topper. Yum!

She’s the chef I sold the dark chocolate orange peels to for her catering orders. There are definite benefits to knowing chefs. Hee hee!

Thanks Chef H. The socks came off. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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