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The vegan/raw  business offers weekly meal plans that customers pick-up once a week. This week’s menu included a tomato salsa (for some kind of burrito), and faux sour cream (for I don’t know what). So yesterday, I was cutting grape tomatoes and grinding faux sour cream.

The tomato salsa was a typical salsa. No trade secrets. Looked good though.

Tomato Salsa

Still haven’t brought in the dedicated camera yet. Pictures taken with my camera phone.

The faux sour cream was a new one for me. Thought it was something the chef/owner created. Turns out recipes are on the internet. Mostly made out of cashew nuts with a sour component. Throw everything into a heavy-duty blender and sound like a banshee for several minutes.

Faux Sour Cream

Tasted a lick. A little too dense and sour for me. But if don’t eat dairy, it’s a healthy substitute.

Have to do laundry now. For some reason, I  think it’s because many of the recipes require the use of the blender, I get a lot dirtier working in this kitchen than working in Chef P’s kitchen. I originally thought I  should stay cleaner in a vegan/raw kitchen. Go figure.

Enjoy. Eat well.

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