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SPAM and Watercress

Several weeks ago, I came across a menu with SPAM and watercress. Meant to make it, just never got around to, until now. The dish is very simple, SPAM and watercress, that’s it. I think it may have come from the plantation days or WWII rations, a way to stretch the meat and still make a meal.

Vendor at the farmers market was selling one bunch of watercress for two dollars. I took it as a sign.

My version. Slice SPAM (I used the  lite version) to desired thickness.

Naked SPAM

Fry until almost crispy. You can skip frying the SPAM, but for me, it’s a textural and visual preference. Now comes the almost no recipe. Boil water, cut SPAM slices into strips, toss into water, wait for broth to develop, clean and cut watercress into about two inch segments, toss into broth, add desired seasonings to taste (optional), return to boil. Done. About five minutes total cooking time (not counting frying the slices of SPAM.

SPAM and Watercress

Three ingredients, including water. The Cat likes.

Dish can be made with almost any greens, except for head cabbage, head cabbage is reserved for kalua pork (in this house anyway). 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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