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No Stove

Today, I just realized the vegan/raw food restaurant has no stove (duh!). Can you call a kitchen a kitchen with no stove? I wonder. There are a lot of dehydrators though.

Still not taking many pictures (still in orientation mode), don’t want to scare the owner or manager. I was able to take a couple of quick snaps with my phone camera of the racks used in the dehydrator.




They’re planning a soft opening this Sunday, it’s gonna be interesting (the business was originally take-out only). They’re trying to figure out the service line and the process. Owner has no restaurant experience and manager is taking off to Cambodia to get married. Hoo boy!

Wish us luck.


The Mouse

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Apparently, I’m hired (temporarily at least) at the vegan raw food restaurant. What I thought was a second interview turned out to be a half day of work (luckily I brought some of my knives). Broke down some (no, a lot) of jicama (first time for me), prepped raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries for the dehydrator (another first), and took part in the process of making faux crepes with the jicama (also went into the dehydrator). That last one was a little weird for me (maybe I’ll change my mind after I taste it). 🙂

Sorry, no pictures (didn’t think it was appropriate, maybe later).

Owner and manager asked me back for today, so must have done something right.

Will keep you posted. Gotta go now, off to the kitchen!


The Mouse

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