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Today, we exposed the two chefs (P&P) to other cuisines. Thought we’d eat “Filipino fusion” food at Max’s of Manila (801 Dillingham Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii). We asked the chefs if they wanted to tag along, and surprisingly, they did.

I think some of the food was a little of a cultural shock to them although we tried to order “safe”.

Nilagang Baka

Tender beef shank and ribs in flavorful broth. Greens, potato, and peppercorn.

Ensaladang Kangkong

Kangkong  (ong choi) tossed with sesame soy vinaigrette. I liked this, the chefs thought the presentation was pretty.

Ubod Salad

Heart of palm and pineapple chunks. Again, I liked this, the chefs thought it was a little too sweet for “salad”.

Sizzling Tofu

With onion, bell pepper, and green  pepper sauce. One of The Cat’s favorites.


This is not some fancy schmantzy spaghetti with gourmet sauce. The description from the menu reads: “Filipino style spaghetti with sweet tomato sauce, ground beef, slices of hot dog, and topped with cheddar cheese. I was in the mood. The dish reminded me of school cafeteria spaghetti (in a good way). 🙂

The Cat ended the meal with a dish of ube ice cream.

Ube Ice Cream

Do not adjust your computer screens, this is the natural color of ube ice cream. I think Chef’s brother, little P, was impressed with the color.

Have to give props to big P and little P for eating outside of their comfort zone. 🙂

The reason why we were in the neighborhood.

Padovani Chocolates

The Cat needed ten boxes of chocolates and Chef suggested we come on Sunday when they’re usually closed so they wouldn’t get interrupted (it’s one of the perks of personally knowing them). We also got to sample some of the “rejects” that won’t be sold because of cosmetic reasons. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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