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For lunch today, I was trying to get to the Waimanalo area to try a place that does smoked meats, but traffic was so congested, I just turned around  and started heading back home. A quick search on Yelp and I ended up here.


(1090 Keolu Drive, Kailua, Hawaii). Got there a little after noon and they’re almost sold out. Sigh.

Cobbled together whatever was left to make a lunch plate.

Okazuya Lunch

Maki sushi, shoyu hot dog, fried chicken. Not bad, pretty decent, socks stayed on. Loved the colors and the taste of the  sushi. The chicken wasn’t greasy at all, was a little dry though (no biggie).

Also picked up a bowl of chicken squash soup (saved it for The Cat).

Chicken Squash Soup

Only problem with okazuya food is everything is ala carte. Ordering can get pretty pricey very quickly.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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