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De-boning a Duck

I was watching videos on YouTube on how to de-bone a chicken. Or is it boning a chicken (which sounds a little perverted). Let’s stick with “de-boning” a chicken. From the videos, it looked straight forward, Martin Yan can even to one in 18 seconds.

I’ve never actually de-boned a raw chicken, or duck, or any other kind of poultry before. I’ve carved a couple of turkeys, but they were already cooked. It was always easier to pick chicken up from the market already broken down.

From the videos, the technique for raw or cooked looked similar. Since I just had chicken (see previous post), I thought I might try a roasted duck. Picked up half a duck from Chinatown (a whole one would be too much for us).

Roast Duck (Half)

The technique on the videos used the chicken (or duck’s) weight and size to help the person take the meat off from the bone. Plus the raw poultry was pliable.

Roast duck not pliable, kind of stiff. Rigor mortis? (just kidding) Plus, dealing with half of the carcass didn’t give me enough leverage. All in all though I thought I did an okay job for the first time.

Duck Bones

The meat, while not quite in pristine pieces, was not butchered. I need more practice though. Gotta get a whole raw chicken. Or maybe go to Costco and pick up a roasted chicken.

Part of the meat went into a duck salad.

Chinese Roast Duck Salad

Similar to last night’s, roast duck instead of minute chicken, everything else sort of the same (romaine lettuce, dried fruit, raspberry vinaigrette, and the ever-present goldfish crackers). 🙂

In fact,  this time, the dried fruit went even better with the duck (kind of gave a sweet taste, like plum sauce).

The duck slices don’t look  too bad either (if I do say so myself).

Enjoy. Eat well.

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