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Today I broke a cardinal rule, I went to the market while hungry (make that starving). Saw a can of crab soup on the clearance shelf.


Against my better judgement, I bought one to try.

The soup look like minestrone.


There were minuscule bits of crab in the soup (think the amount of pork in a can of pork and beans). Tasted okay, I guess you get what you pay for.

The Cat, on the other hand (or is it the other paw), was invited to a professional lunch. Her lunch was a beet, goat cheese, and asparagus salad, a  Thai chicken curry, and assorted sorbet and fruits. I think she had the better lunch. She didn’t take pictures because she felt self conscious, I would’ve taken pictures (I guess I have no shame). Hee hee.

Lucky thing I stopped in at Larry’s Bakery (4369 Lawehana Street, Honolulu, Hawaii) and picked a few treats.


A butterhorn for me (top), and an apple thingy (like a flaky turnover) for The Cat. Nothing fancy, but familiar.

And just because I have no place else to put this, The Cat’s vegetable (made by The Mouse) to night.


A carrot, celery, and mushroom hash.

Today was win some, lose some, mostly win.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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