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Pork Burger

I had a weird thought today (okay, weirder than most). I wondered if pork could be made into a burger. A quick search on the internet confirmed I wasn’t as weird as initially thought.

Got about a third of a pound of ground pork. Nothing added, shaped in gently, and made a little thumbprint. Salt and pepper. Pan fried til done.

Pork Burger Sandwich

I made it square because the bun was square. The basil was to give it some green balance. Wink wink.

Turned out pretty good. On par with a good beef burger. Only difference is the pork burger has to cooked well. No medium rare pork burgers.

Learned something new today.

I made it simple so I could judge the burger without the “deluxe” distractions. Next time, there will be more¬†accouterments. Heh heh.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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