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The other day, a friend wanted me to go with him to visit an incubator kitchen.

Incubator Kitchen

He’s thinking about making and selling cookie dough. His major requirement is a industrial-sized mixer. And they have one.


He asked me along to see if I would be interested in using the kitchen to make my bacon jam. I don’t think he knows I’m helping Chef. I plan to ask Chef if I can use his kitchen during the off-hours. Nice of him to think of me.

Also stopped in to see the dehydrator used to make Chyler’s Beef Chips (since I was in the neighborhood).

Beef Chip Dehydrator

Right now, they’re working out of a church kitchen (until they move into their own warehouse/factory).

So, this post is somewhat related (but not directly) to food. Still it was interesting to visit the two places.

Eat well.

The Mouse

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