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Pictures from The Cat’s Trip

Some pictures from The Cat’s trip, she went to Shanghai for her college class reunion.

Mixed Noodles

Simple ingredients. Noodles tossed with oil, green onions, salt (or soy sauce), and pepper. Easy to prepare, hard to master.

Breakfast Buffet

Built in the 1920’s. The buffet is included with the room price. The Cat said it was decent.

Dining Tables

Kind of old world vibe. The Cat said we can stay there next time.

Vegetarian Dish

Not sure if this is tofu or gluten. The texture is kind of spongey.

Green Tea

Assorted Snacks for High Tea

One of  The Cat’s friends took her to the Bund area for English tea.

A Closer Look

The Cat forgot to take a picture of the English tea and cup. She was kind of distracted.


Some kind of commercial  was filming nearby.

Rice Soup with Greens

One of the meals The Cat ate when there was nothing scheduled. Comfort food.


Can you guess what’s in each  of the containers?


From the top, soy bean, prawn, and duck’s tongue. Quack quack, or maybe no quack since no tongue. Hee hee.

The Cat took more pictures, these were just some of them. Time for a cat nap, still jet lagged.

Eat well. Meow meow!

The Cat

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