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The other night, I made smashed cucumber salad, Shanghai style for the kitchen. I think I confused Chef. As I was smashing the cucumbers with the flat of my knife, he walked by, watched for a moment and then continued on shaking his head (I often have that effect on people).

Later, he tried the cucumber salad, I thought I saw a slight nod of his head (at least he didn’t spit it out). I’m taking it to mean he approved of the taste.

I’m kind of lucky that he gives me (and the other staff) the freedom to express ourselves and not just do his recipes.

I think I posted about smashed cucumber salad before, if you missed it, here’s the summary.

Roughly peel one or more Japanese cucumbers. With the flat of the knife, press/smash the cucumbers to disturb the structural integrity of the cucumber. Add sugar, salt and thinly sliced ginger to taste. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes so that some of the liquid is released from the cucumber(s). For Shanghai style cucumbers, leave the liquid with the cucumbers (you can drain the liquid if you want to). Add toasted sesame seed oil, toss, and serve.

Smashed Cucumber Salad, Shanghai Style

Raw garlic slices and/or chili peppers can optionally be added to spice the salad up.

Most of the staff liked it (some didn’t know about this dish before).

Enjoy. Eat well.

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