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An Experiment

I bought a package of cherry tomatoes from the market (it was on sale). I usually don’t buy cherry tomatoes because The Cat wants her tomatoes peeled and peeling cherry tomatoes is too much work. But they were on sale. I also had to use up some basil from our herb pot. I cut the tomatoes in half, did a quick pan-fry, and added the basil after taking the tomatoes off the heat (didn’t want them to turn black).

Cherry Tomatoes

Chopped Basil

I think my knife skills are improving since working in the kitchen. 🙂

Pan-Fried Cherry Tomatoes with Fresh Basil

The taste wasn’t bad, although The Cat thought it was too acidic for her. The skins turned out to be to tough for either of us. Oh well, at least it looked pretty (in my opinion).

Eat well.

The Mouse

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