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Last night we had a bit of difficulty finding dinner. First it was Chinese, then it was Japanese. But for various reasons, we couldn’t get a table. By this time, The Cat was meowing, hissing, and almost scratching for food. At the last-minute, I thought of here.


They’re supposed to have a good steamed pig feet dish, a stewed goat dish, and other delicacies. Unfortunately, we got in a few minutes after  their happy hour to take advantage of reduced prices. Sigh.

By this time, The Cat wanted something hot and soupy to settle her stomach. She ordered handmade noodles with potatoes and clams.

Hand Made Noodles with Potatoes and Clams

The combination sounds weird, but somehow, it works. The hot soup did it’s job.

I ordered the house combination plate.

Combination Plate

Bulgogi, chicken, and kalbi. Everything prepared very well. Both The Cat and The Mouse were happy and satisfied.

The restaurant also had some unusual banchanitems.

Steamed Egg Custard

Hot and Spicy Butterfish

Too many bones for The Mouse, The Cat didn’t mind.

I have to go back later for the steamed pig feet. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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