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This past Sunday, The Cat stopped in on the restaurant to check out the activity (she’s helping Chef out with some consulting matters). Chef knows The Cat likes his hearts of palm and shrimp salad and started making her a plate. I salvaged a few shrimp heads from the container of shrimp shells (see here for full explanation).

I don’t know what Chef did to the shrimp heads but The Cat said they were one of the best … ever.

Shrimp and Hearts of Palm Salad (with Extra Shrimp Heads)

I think, he just did a quick marinade and added them to the salad raw. Whatever he did, The Cat was happy.

Shrimp Heads

The Chef also sent out to The Cat a bowl of fresh Manila clam chowder.

Fresh Manila Clam Chowder

The clams weren’t from a can but fresh in their shell. The chowder also contained fresh sweet corn and Hawaiian seaweed.

All Gone

As you can tell, The Cat scarfed it down. 🙂

Lucky Cat.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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