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Just a quickie. More to follow. Last night at the kitchen, I got my first battle scar. No, I did not go all warrior and stuff. I went to remove a hot pot of water from the stove. I knew to use towels to hold the pot, but I mistakenly grabbed a slightly damp towel. When I went to grab the pot, I got a very slight burn.

Can’t Even See It

Not sure about the physics behind it. Either the moisture transmits heat or the heat causes the moisture to form hot steam. I didn’t lift the pot yet so no real damage to the kitchen or the food. No need to notify OSHA. 🙂 I’ve done worse damage at home.

Because my fingertips were affected, they’re a little sensitive. Today, everything’s almost back to normal.

My first battle scar in the kitchen. Love it. Heh heh.

To change the subject. The pantry chef, K, wants to eventually become a teacher of culinary arts. I guess I’m here first student (or guinea pig). When she becomes a top teacher at one of the schools, I could claim I was her first. Wow!

Just thought I’d share.

Eat well.

The Mouse.

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