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Hodge Podge

Yesterday was a little busy. The Cat wanted me to check out this place.


Newly opened, under the new Safeway store on Beretania Street. Supposed to be a mix of Chinese, Japanese, and local flavors. For lunch, you can choose from the steam table, pre-made bentos, or order soup noodles. For dinner, it’s order from the kitchen. I tried a two choice from the steam table and a bento.

Two Choice

Fried rice (not bad), spicy eggplant with tofu, and tofu with vegetables. Unconsciously went mostly vegetarian (the fried rice had a little bit of char siu and scrambled egg in it.

Also picked-up a bento.

Label Info


Pretty decent quantity and taste. If I’m in  the neighborhood, I’d definitely consider coming back.

The kitchen was prepping last night for tonight (they’re open special for Mother’s Day), in addition to regular dinner service. I peeled, cut, and cooked more apples for the apple tarts for about a quarter of the time, peeled and cleaned shrimp for half the time, and washed pots and pans for the remaining quarter of the time.

Shrimp Shells

Chef saved the shells to make stock. The only thing we threw out were the veins. If I thought about it sooner, I should have set the heads aside for The Cat. Next time.

Lots of tedious activity in the kitchen. Had to be done though. I don’t mind.

Ended the day with a SPAM katsu musubi.


SPAM Katsu Musubi

Deep-fried SPAM. Can it get any better? I think not. Heh heh.

Hope all the prep work we did helps for tonight.

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.! 🙂

Eat well.

The Mouse

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