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As promised, info from the  birthday party (not ours) last night. It was held on the outside patio of the Mariposa restaurant in the Neiman Marcus department store (1450 Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii). Menu was preset, no choice. This was a good thing for The Cat, forced her to try something she normally would not have. Read below.

Dinner started with an amuse bouche (sorry, no picture, no idea what it was), miniature puff pastry shells were involved.

First course:

Barbecued Tiger Prawns

Grilled avocado, shaved Maui onions, citrus-beet gazpacho, and ricotta salata. Pretty good. Loved the grilled shrimp, although I think the prawns served at the restaurant is sweeter (just my totally biased opinion), plus Chef cooks ’em with the heads on.

The second course was Mozzarella and shaved Waialua asparagus, roasted tomato, white anchovy, and yellow pepper puree. I thought I took a picture, but when I downloaded the pictures from my camera, no picture. My bad. What kind of surprised me was the shaved asparagus. I was expecting shaved asparagus (something I learned in Chef’s kitchen), turns out, we got served asparagus shavings (no asparagus, just the shavings). Hmmm.

Third course:

Braised Duck Ravioli

Brie fondue and Kula strawberry caponata. There must be a trend to use won ton skins as ravioli wrappers. I guess that’s part of the “fusion” experience.

Fourth course:

Spiced Rack of Lamb

Goat cheese potatoes, eggplant fries (read eggplant tempura), and pomegranate-port wine reduction. Up to now, The Cat didn’t like lamb. I think the smell has something to do with her dislike. Since she didn’t want to make a fuss, she took a bite (Chinese don’t like to insult the host by refusing to eat). Turns out, she likes lamb, in small portions. The Cat was missing out all these years (go figure). 🙂

Fifth course (dessert):

Crispy Malted Milk Chocolate Bars

Caramel feuilletine crust, malted milk chocolate pate, and dark chocolate pearls. Think extra sweet fancified Twix bars. Not bad.

To cap it off, we got a view of the free fireworks show from the patio during dinner.

Happy B-day T!

Birthday boy said the show was for him, even though one of the hotels does this most Friday nights. Okay T, whatever you say, it’s your birthday. 🙂

Thanks for the invite R. It was a blast (both figuratively and literally). Heh heh.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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