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Last night, the Chef’s wife, Mrs. P, invited The Cat and myself to dinner at the restaurant. I think I may be one of the first at the restaurant to prep food, wash pots and dishes, and then get dressed and go out to the front and eat like a diner. Awesome!

The day started out for me by peeling and cleaning prawns for tonight’s private dinner (sorry no pictures, my hands were covered in shells and stuff at the time).

Then it was dinner time. Someone gave Chef a bottle of Dampierre champagne and he wanted to share.

Dampierre Champagne

No menu. Chef’s choice.

Baked Eggplant Roll Filled with Stracciatella Cheese & Basil

In-house soft string cheese soaked in heavy cream, marinated vine-ripened tomatoes, capers, and Niçoise olives vinaigrette. The amuse-bouche. It’s on his regular menu. Chef wanted his pantry chef to learn this dish. We were the beneficiaries of her practice. Good job K.

He’s experimenting with some new dishes and wanted us to try them first.

Pan-Fried Weke, Mushroom, Asparagus, and Tomato Cream Sauce

Weke, Hawaiian for Goatfish, Chef pan-fried the fish, skin side down until the skin was almost like bacon while the flesh remained nice and tender. The Cat was in heaven.

Poached Oysters Bird’s Nest

The “nests” consisted of lightly sautéed leeks and french cut green beans. The oysters were poached in butter, white wine, and their own liquor. Topped with wasabi tobiko. Pretty awesome! It’s unanimous, a definite candidate on Chef’s menu. Mrs. P said he used to do this back in France but not with the wasabi tobiko. She commented that the wasabi tobiko was an excellent addition.

Pan-Fried Moi, French-Cut Beans, Curried Cream Sauce

Chef knows what The Cat likes. All three dishes made it to The Cat’s last meal list.

Tart of Pan-Fried Foie Gras

A regular menu appetizer. Hamakua mushrooms, caramelized onions, mesclun salad, port sauce.  I could eat the every day (well, in a perfect world), except my doctor would be on my case.

A dessert to share.

Lemongrass Panna Cotta, Fresh Tropical Fruit Compote

I live for days like these. Learning in the kitchen and eating well. We’ll gladly be his guinea pig any day.

The Cat said it was a meal worth dying for. I subscribe more to the General George Patton philosophy, it was a meal worth killing for. Heh heh.

Thanks Chef P and Mrs. P, a meal to be remembered.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse (and The Cat)

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