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I am not a good photographer by any stretch of the imagination. However, the pictures on this post are even below my standards. The pictures were taken with my phone on the fly.

Last night was my second night helping at the restaurant. The pantry chef, K, was prepping sauces for a private dinner on Sunday. I helped peel and seed tomatoes and chop shallots. I knew to take the stem out and score the tomatoes before dipping in the hot water (for about 30 seconds). I didn’t know to salt the water (it’s supposed to taste like the ocean). I think salting the water helps to maintain the firmness of the tomatoes (up until last night, I only used plain water). Learned something new. Yay! I also learned my knife skills need more practice. K had to go over some of my work. Hope she didn’t mind.

The tomatoes went into Chef’s vinaigrette of tomatoes, capers, and Niçoise olives. Sorry no recipe. I was too occupied with the tomatoes while K finished the recipe. Even if I had the recipe, I don’t think it would be ethical for me to post it without Chef’s blessing.

Tomatoes, Capers, and Niçoise Olives Vinaigrette

All I know is olive oil was involved.

At the end, a big plate of fried rice for the crew. No recipe, everything but the kitchen sink, whatever’s in the kitchen.

Fried Rice

Headed off in search of a kitchen supply store, looking for knife-edge covers. I wasn’t expecting to be using knives in the kitchen (I thought I was there to g0-fer). Last night, K loaned me her back-up chef’s knife for the tomatoes and shallots. A long time ago, someone taught me never to use chefs and cooks knives (it’s very personal). For K to loan me her knives took a lot of trust on her part. Thanks K. One could argue that for practical reasons she loaned me her knives so I could assist her, but still.

The adventure continues. Have a good weekend.

Eat well.

The Mouse

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