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Last night was my first day helping in the kitchen (see here for the explanation). I wasn’t expecting anything. Chef was shorthanded. I was there to help out. Like starting at a new school or a new kitten  coming into a household that already has cats, the first few moments were a little tense. Chef assigned me to help the pantry chef. I guess she didn’t know if I was there to spy on her or I was after her job. When I started washing the items on her prep table, she concluded I wasn’t some sort of prima donna or a threat.

I helped her (a very tiny bit) to peel garlic and clean greens. Mostly though I watched and cleaned her containers and utensils. Funny, the dish cleaner brought back memories from elementary school (more on that in a future post, very soon). Sorry, not much chance to take pictures (I didn’t want to give the impression I was a tourist and not really there to help).

This was taken during a short lull in the action.

Risotto Du Jour

I think there was spinach, sun-dried tomato, and mushrooms. Smelled and looked amazing. The chef in charge of the hot dishes made a little extra for the staff to sample. It was scarfed up before I had the chance. Must learn to “pick a pebble from an open palm”. đŸ˜‰

At the end of dinner service, a little pasta for the staff.

Staff Dinner

Penne pasta, chicken, sun-dried tomato, capers, and shredded Parmesan cheese. Delicious.

Hope I was of some assistance. Further adventures later this week.

Eat well.

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The person that thought up this t-shirt, pure genius.


Should be nominated for a Nobel Prize or something.


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