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Dropped The Cat off at the airport this morning. A day trip to the volcano area (to see a client). It was too early for anything to be open, except for breakfast. Wandered over to the Waimalu Shopping Center to hunt for food. Almost had saimin for breakfast but thought better of it.

On a whim, ended up at Ohana BBQ and Sushi (98-042 Kamehameha Highway, Aiea, Hawaii), and ordered the “Prada” Moco.

"Prada" Moco

Canned corned beef, onions (no potatoes), gravy, and two eggs (easy over), on a bed of rice. Why “Prada”? Dunno.

I have come to the conclusion I like “mocos” more than benedicts. Similar concepts but it’s all about the rice baby!

Anyway, this version was different, in a good way. One sock came off. The gravy could had a little more personality. Gave me inspiration though (fresh corned beef, caramelized onions, maybe red-eye gravy, you get the idea).

One more thing. One of the decorations in the bathroom.

Bathroom Decoration

A glass tray, mounted on a piece of wood. Pretty awesome. If I could’ve snuck it in my backpack … Nah, just thinking aloud. But then again … 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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