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Big news!

But first, something my cousins picked-up for me (I’m guessing at a craft store or fair).

Om Nom Nom

Looks like someone re-purposed pages of books that might be slated for disposal and created something else. Cute ya? A pig with a chef’s hat with the “Om Nom Nom” caption. I wonder if that’s how they perceive me.

The package also contained two paper clips.

Paper Clips

You can be sure I’m not going to be using these anytime soon.

Now the news (which is somewhat related to the page above). (Drum roll please). One of our chef friends needs help in his kitchen, asked me if I’m willing to help. Hmm. let’s see, an opportunity to learn from a master chef. Of course! Chance of a lifetime. I must be one of the oldest padawans. Heh heh.

Start next week. Wow!

Enjoy. Eat well.

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